Americas New Weight Norm

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That’s what we want to find out and for you to know!


Today in America: we are obsessed with our weight, and rightfully so! Most of us are on some kind of diet because we either think we need to lose weight or have been told we need to be at a certain weight for our height, age, gender, etc. (Body Mass Index (BMI) or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR))

Americas New Weight Norm

Years ago, I had reached the top of my BMI weight which brought me to what was considered normal according to BMI. The problem is everyone thought I looked emaciated, like I had just come from a third world country! Eventually, I added a few pounds and was more comfortable with the way I looked, and have tried to maintain that weight, despite what my (Body Mass Index (BMI) or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)) might be.

That leads me to this study: based on my own experience, I thought there must be others who feel as I do, and may have had a change in thinking as it relates to the weight they would be comfortable with: thus this survey/study: “A New American WEIGHT NORM.”

So take a moment and TAKE THE SURVEY. Your answers are confidential, so there is no need to hesitate to provide real answers to all the questions, or to be embarrassed by your answers. Be honest with the survey and with yourself!

The objective of this study is to understand what you think about your weight, if other factors affect your weight, your weight expectations, and what might be a new norm for America today.

The data will be analyzed using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, and once we have accumulated a large enough response to provide statistically reliable results, we will provide results of the overall survey, and give you the opportunity to compare your personal information with the study.

Some Small detail and DISCLAIMER:

  • Once we have accumulated enough data to provide statistically relevant results, we will create an access point for you to enter your data and get a report as it relates to you and the study. We will make these results available to the public in the form of a report
  • This is a private study and is not sponsored by or sanctioned by any accredited or sanctioning body or organization
  • No guarantee or warranty is implied or given
  • Participation in this study is your agreement to hold the survey manager harmless and to abide by any survey rules
  • Information obtained in this study is the property of the survey manager and the survey manager reserves all rights

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